Our Process

I follow a 3-step process. Information Gathering followed by Mockup Design and Approval followed by Website Development and Launch. Clients have full freedom to drop-in their comments at anytime during the process. I make sure each of them is addressed appropriately. Since Website Design is a collaborative process, i expect some homework from my clients. I will help and guide you to make your work easier. 


Information Gathering

Clients complete a detailed customised questionnaire


Design Prototype

A Prototype is designed,  similar to the final website but with no content (text and images).


Approve Prototype + Content Submission

Clients revise and accept prototype design. The client is expected to provide the contents (text and media files) accordingly.


Build website +

Populate each page with appropriate contents. Add contact forms, registration forms etc. Add media files wherever necessary. Test navigation, links, forms etc.


Final Review

Client reviews the final website and any changes will be accommodated.


SEO Optimisation + Launch

Create meta data for each page such that the website ranks higher in search engines. Finally, the Website goes live.

1 Week of free maintenance

Since Launch, 1 week of free maintenance is provided. Any minor changes can be made during this period.