Dr Jose - Specialist Breast Surgeon

Dr Jose, a specialist breast surgeon approached me to build a brand new website for his private practice. He wanted to have a simple, easy to navigate, informative website. Since he just started a private practise i was supposed to create a brand for him. I tired to collect as much information and ideas as possible from him.  It helped me to develop a brand style and design a website that he wanted to have. It was a pleasure working with him.

St John of God Eye Clinic

Dr Chris from St John of God Eye Clinic wanted to update and provide a new look to their existing website. I re-designed the entire website with more information and gave a new look by incorporating new design styles and photos that represent their clinic.

Gynae Oncology WA

Kell, Practise Manager of a private practise approached me as they wanted to have a website for their practise. As most of their patients are elderly people, She was very keen to keep it simple. She also wanted to make all of their offline forms online so that it would be easy for their patients to send details and it would also be convenient for them to track and process the details.  She gave me a lot of details that they expect to have in their website. It was great working with her and they were extremely happy with the final product.

Perth Surgical Clinic

Dr Karim wanted a website for his private practise. He was keen to design a website that goes well with the branding style he had already established for his practise. He had a clear picture of what if wanted in the website. It was a breeze designing a website for Dr.Karim.


Detail Clean Service

Melisa, my good friend is running a commercial cleaning company. She wanted to promote her business online with a website. She wanted her website to generate new leads for her business and wanted her website to rank higher in search engines. So, I did a concentrate more on keywords and SEO. Finally got her website online ranking top in search engines.

Universal Electricals and Transformers

Perth based, leading transformer manufacturing and electricals company wanted to re-design their website. They were keen to add more product information and products to their gallery. Finally a brand new website was launched and it’s successful generating new leads more frequently. 


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